Real life stories and practices to help you connect more deeply to life, through your body.


Embodying Grief + Video Practice

There are times when what is happening in our lives feels like way too much to handle, so we keep it at bay. We rely on old coping mechanisms to hopefully move beyond the depths of our emotions and not be overtaken by them. This can leave us numb, overwhelmed and somewhat paralyzed by grief,…
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Embodying Rejection with Dignity + Audio Practice

One sunny day, when I was 14 years old, I was rejected by my high school crush in front of all my friends. It was a particularly vulnerable period of my life, because at the end of that year, my family would be moving to a new town. We had fallen on financially difficult times….
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Embodying Self-respect

“What do you do, if you’ve set a boundary, but it’s not respected?” one of the women in the Embodying Boundaries workshop asked. All the other heads in the room nodded, expectantly. She had unsuccessfully tried to set a boundary with her husband, telling him she didn’t like his behavior, when a certain female friend…
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Softly embodying needs + Audio practice

For most of my 30s and well into my 40s, feeling needy was something I felt much of the time and rarely showed. I wouldn’t express that I longed for connection, that I craved affection, that I needed help. Instead, I would batten down my belly, harden my jaw and make a plan, figure it…
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Embodying trust in quieter periods

I flew back to Los Angeles with the hugest of enthusiasms. Ready to meet, gather, teach and move. Ready get to things going in my hometown. Immediately. As soon as I touched down. This is not what happened. I was met by busy schedules, long distances to drive, people away on summer holidays and an…
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