Real life stories and practices to help you connect more deeply to life, through your body.


Embodying Emotional Power

A few days ago, just as a I was heading out the door for a meeting at the bank, it occurred to me I’d need a 2nd form of identification, so I ran upstairs to dig into my closet and grab my passport. I have 3 cloth bags from various shops in Bali, hanging on…
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Despite storms, eruptions, viruses, quakes, fires, wars and droughts, the Earth consistently rotates and stays on course, without disruption. It holds life in its depths, relentlessly. As uncertainty roils around us, it’s more important than ever that we cultivate this same energy inside our own bodies; the deep, pulsating energy of Earth. Our home. Our…
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Moving beyond the crush of self doubt + Video

This past week I was flooded with self-doubt. It left me incapacitated in a way I hadn’t felt in years. All my old mind games came rushing in both to tell me truly soul-crushing things and that I had to figure my way out, now! The result was a wild spin out that I’m just…
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What’s the point?

I was asked this question last week, by a young woman in Australia, who was flooded with grief and feeling quite powerless, as the fires raged out of control throughout her homeland. What’s the point of being our embodied, vibrant selves when the world needs action and solution? The simple answer is if you’re not…
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The world is longing for you

Oof! With Australia burning and the US seemingly entering into yet another war, what I was going to write you feels trite. I spent much of the holidays on a few tiny islands in the Indian Ocean and came away hopeful and inspired by the many people I met and the beauty I experienced. But then I…
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