Real life stories and practices to help you connect more deeply to life, through your body.


Cultivating your will + Video

Last week was intense. The news of political events left me…well, what can I say? After the brutal anti-abortion laws passed in a few of the Southern states in the U.S., it felt like someone had kicked me in my womb, and I couldn’t kick back. I wandered around my newly-planted life in Los Angeles…
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The Knowing Hush of Shame

This morning, I went to a hot yoga sculpt class… )))….I know. A bit off course for me, but now that I’m back in L.A., I want to feel what’s going on, check out the latest trends people are following, and see what the draw to them is. L.A. is a sexy place, but damn…
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Filling your skin + Audio practice

A few weeks ago, a young woman came to me for an individual session. She was steeped in spiritual pursuits and also visibly worn out by her current life. As she briefly told me about her circumstances, she ended up dropping her body down on my table and saying, “we’re all just a sack of…
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Emotional Overload

As I write this, I put my feet on the ground, and I feel tingling on the soles of my feet. Unexpectedly, a strong, emotional wave rises up from my belly, joins this tingle and moves through my entire body. I feel my heart try to squeeze around the feeling, and I have to take…
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Generating an Earthy Flow

Last year I facilitated an online group for the participants of the Embodying Elements Movement Immersion. Quite simply, our bodies wanted more. We started with EARTH. Our ground. Our base. What immediately became clear was how deeply our bodies long to reconnect to the qualities earth holds ~ the steadiness, the silence, the unending presence…
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