Real life stories and practices to help you connect more deeply to life, through your body.


Releasing Rage + Video

I will never forget the moment where I finally allowed my pent up rage to overtake my body. My bodyworker’s elbow had been on THE point in my upper right shoulder for what felt like forever, and neither she nor the pain was going away. We were at a stalemate, so she went for the…
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Indomitable Spirit

When I was 23, I was put on a jury for the first time. It was a fairly straightforward case. The guy had been caught in the process of stealing a car battery; hood of the car open, body bent over, pulling the battery out, when the police strolled onto the scene. In the deliberation…
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A Hand that Guides

Life had clearly placed Her hand on the small of the woman’s back and was gently, yet firmly nudging her to the edge.   All she had to do now was take a step into the unknown, while feeling the warmth of this hand, guiding her. Guiding her to free fall into life, with her…
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Subtle openings ~ A Way Out of Stuckness + Audio Practice

Stuckness happens. It just does. Sometimes it’s because we don’t want to feel what’s there, so we shut it down. Sometimes it’s because even though we’re frustrated with the way things are, to take a step into the unknown feels too frightening, so we don’t. And sometimes…it’s because of a natural disaster, as was my case, when…
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Embodying Grief + Video Practice

There are times when what is happening in our lives feels like way too much to handle, so we keep it at bay. We rely on old coping mechanisms to hopefully move beyond the depths of our emotions and not be overtaken by them. This can leave us numb, overwhelmed and somewhat paralyzed by grief,…
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