Real life stories and practices to help you connect more deeply to life, through your body.


What’s the point?

I was asked this question last week, by a young woman in Australia, who was flooded with grief and feeling quite powerless, as the fires raged out of control throughout her homeland. What’s the point of being our embodied, vibrant selves when the world needs action and solution? The simple answer is if you’re not…
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The world is longing for you

Oof! With Australia burning and the US seemingly entering into yet another war, what I was going to write you feels trite. I spent much of the holidays on a few tiny islands in the Indian Ocean and came away hopeful and inspired by the many people I met and the beauty I experienced. But then I…
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Embodying Where You Are

One of the many times I arrived in Bali, I was traveling with my sister. As we were getting off the plane, she sweetly said, “Wow, Bali’s air just wraps itself around your body and hugs you.” Of course I’d noticed this before, right? I mean…I’d landed in Bali umpteen times by then. But, no,…
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Finding Magic through Resistance + Video

The very first BODY workshop I participated in over 25 years ago, blew me away. It was simple, demanding, and magical.  In a nut shell , here’s what they taught me: Pay attention to your body, become it. (sometimes easier said than done!) Feel how you hold your pains and  fears, your contractions and stiffnesses.  Get…
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Pouring yourself into life + Video

Do you know what it feels like in your body to pour yourself into whatever you’re doing? I do. And I also know how awful it feels when I don’t. Contracted. Dissatisfied. Directionless. It’s been months now that I’ve been actively seeking my next offerings. I’ve researched, had conversations, signed up for online marketing courses,…
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