Real life stories and practices to help you connect more deeply to life, through your body.


Embodying trust in quieter periods

I flew back to Los Angeles with the hugest of enthusiasms. Ready to meet, gather, teach and move. Ready get to things going in my hometown. Immediately. As soon as I touched down. This is not what happened. I was met by busy schedules, long distances to drive, people away on summer holidays and an…
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Embodying the ache of un-met moments + Audio

I invited a dear friend to the beach today to meet some other close friends of mine. It was important to me. He surprised me by agreeing to come, and yet spent the time being quiet, engaging little and soon going home. At the end of the day, when I finally got home, I felt…
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The boundary of saying NO

The other day, I didn’t say NO, and I created an unnecessary mess… My brother and sister-in-law’s Indonesian housekeeper, who greeted me for the first time with a warm smile and massage of my arm, asked if we could be friends on FaceBook. The fake smile, nod of my head and higher-than-normal-pitched “sure” came out…
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Remembering to daydream ~ Audio practice

When I was a little girl, there was a giant, 3-trunk sycamore tree in our back yard. My favorite trunk sloped into a huge horse, which at its best could hold all of the neighborhood kids at one time, as we happily climbed and jostled to be the first one up. I would discover different…
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The power of longing ~ Audio practice

Many years ago, when I had first entered this world of mind-body, I had a closing meeting with one of my teachers. I promptly showed up hoping he would give me a magical key to unlock and free my deepest longings. I was also anxious, because that’s how I always was, as I incessantly looked…
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