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Releasing Trauma through Bodywork

Releasing Trauma through Bodywork

After 20 years and 12000+ hours of private sessions, working on hundreds of bodies from many different cultures and age groups, there is one thing I know to be true.

Our bodies are story tellers.

When we stop and listen to them, we can move away from unnecessary suffering, pain and illness by letting go of the old beliefs and traumas that hold us back.

Bodywork can help you recognize how you hold the old story and how to let go of long-held tension and fears. As you do so, you’ll gain back energy that was once trapped there and you’ll naturally feel more vibrant and free.

Releasing Trauma through Body Movement

Releasing Trauma through Body Movement

Releasing Trauma through Body Movement

Your body wants to move. It wants to feel. It wants to run, jump, go left, go right and turnaround. It wants to speed up and slow down. It wants to stand and sit. It wants to shimmy and shake. It wants to be big. It wants to be subtle. It wants to feel vibrant and alive. It wants to be free.

But we’ve been conditioned to be in control, be good, be safe, be pretty, be smart, be polite, be acceptable. To not disturb. These rules filter into everything we do in life. We limit our movements. We hesitate. We’re calculated and cautious. We hide. We cut ourselves off from one of the most basic needs of our bodies, and we suffer. With pain, despair, loneliness, disconnect from our hearts.

The quickest way to break through this stuckness and become rich, flexible, adaptable bodies is to move. When you move through the old layers, you access your inner power and have more choice and freedom. If you are sick of old insecurities and fears holding you back, come to one of my movement workshops.

Move your body| Shift your shame| Unleash your power| Let go of old stories| Drop the effort| Breathe and Expand

About Marcela Widrig

Marcela teaches you to un-do old beliefs, hurts and fears and they way they limit you in your life. She uses somatic bodywork, embodied movement training and breath, to reach those un-met and un-touched places we all have inside of us.

  • It has a unique potential to dissolve or reorient strongly held patterns

    The bodywork Marcela does is profound. In my experience it has a fairly unique potential to dissolve or reorient strongly held patterns, and maybe more fundamentally, to open up deeper and deeper connections with what lies beneath those patterns. For those of us whose natural or learned tendency is to bypass the body in our instincual reponses to the world, I think it is particularly helpful.

    Manya, L.A., U.S.A.
  • Compassionate, connecting and kind - she meets you energetically where ever you are, without judgement or agenda and reconnects you to your spirit again.

    Marcela is truly amazing.  She always seem to know exactly where the pain, shame is being held and through her touch releases the physical tension as well as the emotional bind that created it in the first place. Without doubt she walks her talk. I always leave her feeling nurtured, physically free and emotionally understood

    Prue Nichols, London UK
  • My expectations were exceeded!

    Marcela’s knowledge, both learned and intuitive, about the body and what we are doing when we hold emotions, like fear and shame, is impressive.  She is factual and straight to the point, while maintaining warmth and care.  She exudes professionalism, and is a person who is very much walking her talk.  Marcela is a person who is very authentically living ‘who she is’, which is quite rare to see.

    Sam Price, Coffs Harbour, Australia
  • When I first entered the room I knew that the session with Marcela was going to be potent.

    After a long year of a lot of upheaval, I was in a place where I was ready to let go, but wasn’t sure of the next avenue to explore to start shedding. As the layers started to peel back, I realised how deep the fear and shame ran. The session with Marcela threw light for the first time on areas that I hadn’t had the language to express. She showed me my holding patterns and helped me to realise and bring to the forefront past beliefs that were holding me back. I can’t recommend seeing Marcela enough, especially as a woman who has never felt real permission to occupy the space that we so deserve to do.

    Jo Lippold, Melbourne, Australia
  • What she offers is deep and precise- there's no unnecessary fluff.

    Marcela has a wealth of embodied experience in what she teaches. Every time I attend her workshops & private sessions I learn more about my body’s infinite wisdom. More importantly, she provides practical tools to let go of old stories and patterns. What she offers is deep and precise- there’s no unnecessary fluff. I wholeheartedly recommend Marcela and will be singing her praises to all my friends and clients.

    Mangala Holland, Melbourne, Australia
  • Marcela guides you, with her unique integrity and razorsharp intuition

    I was overwhelmed with gratitude after attending Marcela’s workshop ‘Shifting shame, releasing fear’ in Copenhagen this September. Not only is the technique instant; you arrive fast at the matter at hand through her firm, yet gentle, guidance. But it is also deeply liberating as a form of movement – there is no right or wrong, there is only your unique expression, directed by what your body needs to do right now. To release. To be free.

    Marcela guides you, with her unique integrity and razorsharp intuition, to learn to notice where the trouble’s really at in your body and self – and use your intuition to find it next time.

    Hanne Klintoe, Copenhagen, Denmark

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