Release trauma from your body,
let go of old behaviour patterns.
Start a new story.



The body as a way to unlock the past

The body as a way to unlock the past

In my private sessions I work with you to connect to your body as a way to change physical and emotional patterns that play out today. You’ll be able to feel where you hold effort and trauma in your muscles, posture, breath and old ways of thinking and feeling.

Your body shows you where trauma got stuck. And as you gain a deeper ability to drop into and feel your body, along with new sensations, emotional flow and space, you’ll gain momentum and energy to let go of your past and have more freedom and choice.

The different traumas we hold in our body

  • Physical Trauma

    Accidents, operations, strenuous exercise, sitting at a desk all day, lack of exercise or movement. Physical trauma is obvious in the body because it hurts or feels tight or weak. When it gets to this point, it’s a strong signal that something has to change.

  • Emotional Trauma

    Heartbreak, grief, sadness, terror, shame, fear of abandonment, fear of failure, humiliation, loneliness, Emotional traumas stay locked in the body. When they’re triggered by a new incident, the old trauma from the past comes alive, as if the trauma were happening today.

  • Other Trauma

    Victims of violence, sexual abuse, emotional manipulation, natural disasters, world events.
    These types of trauma alter our sense of personal power, what is safe and what is real. They can paralyze one’s ability to manage life and move toward a future.

Our bodies tell stories

Our bodies tell stories

When we stop and listen to them, we can move away from unnecessary suffering, pain and illness by letting go of the old beliefs and traumas that hold us back.

Our past doesn't have to define our future

Our past doesn't have to define our future

Bodywork awakens you to sensations, breath and vitality. As your body awareness expands, your capacity to experience the present moment deepens, which allows you to make better choices.

Old trauma vs recent trauma

Our bodies tell stories

Many of our traumas stay deeply buried inside of us, until something triggers them today. When this happens, we physically respond as we have done in the past, because in the past this coping mechanism kept us safe. So even though you may be a grown woman in her 30’s, when you are hurt, it can trigger a physical body reaction from when you were 5 that you aren’t yet able to mentally or consciously control.

You end up repeating your past today, recreating new traumas that validate it and keep things the same.

When we were young, we were learning how to be in the world, how to feel, what was safe, who would care, where to go. Most of our learning happened through the body. So, when something big occurred – parents fighting, a sibling messing with us, people we loved leaving, accidents physically harming us, schoolmates bullying us, and other more powerful and frightening events, our younger bodies felt every cut, twist, punch, humiliation and threat intimately. Sometimes it was too much for us to handle.

We had to protect ourselves, and we did this with our bodies. We held our breath, squeezed our stomachs, contracted our muscles tightly and shut down what we felt. We reduced our experience to make it more manageable for our younger selves. Each time we did this, the trauma got further buried inside of us, and our response became more automatic and less conscious.

The damage today is that we not only shrank our experience, we shrank ourselves. Without a change in our physical and emotional responses, we repeat the past and we remain stuck.

  • I left feeling more openness in my body, deep relaxation and a greater acceptance of what is

    I felt extremely safe and comfortable to share openly with Marcela before our bodywork session. I realised this wasn’t necessary as her intuition is so on point that she simply knew exactly what my body needed to ground, open and release. I recognised that Marcela’s authenticity and humility allows her gift to be expressed in a spontaneous way, that serves the greatest need of the moment.

    Ryan Kilbansky, Melbourne AU
  • The bodywork Marcela does is profound.

    In my experience it has a fairly unique potential to dissolve or reorient strongly held patterns, and maybe more fundamentally, to open up deeper and deeper connections with what lies beneath those patterns. For those of us whose natural or learned tendency is to bypass the body in our instinctual responses to the world, I think it is particularly helpful.

    Manya, Los Angeles USA
  • I knew instantly that I could trust her.

    Marcela went straight to the area of tenderness and then deep into the pain that was so deeply hidden that even I, a seasoned and skilled sleuth of movements of energy and hiding patterns in my clients, did not know it was there. The result was penetratingly transformational. The privilege of my session with Marcela will be with me for the rest of my life. If you have an opportunity to work with her, take it. You will not regret it. Beings like Marcela don’t come often.

    Kim Jobst, London UK
  • When I first entered the room I knew that the session with Marcela was going to be potent.

    After a long year of a lot of upheaval, I was in a place where I was ready to let go, but wasn’t sure of the next avenue to explore to start shedding. As the layers started to peel back, I realised how deep the fear and shame ran. The session with Marcela threw light for the first time on areas that I hadn’t had the language to express. She showed me my holding patterns and helped me to realise and bring to the forefront past beliefs that were holding me back. I can’t recommend seeing Marcela enough, especially as a woman who has never felt real permission to occupy the space that we so deserve to do.

    Jo Lippold, Melbourne, Australia.
  • I have the space to be with the wounds that I have been ignoring for years

    Working with Marcela has deepened my practice and work beyond what I could have imagined. Feeling a deep trust in my body has gifted me the space to be with the wounds that I have been ignoring for years. Thank you for guiding me back to myself.

    Ellen Nichols, Brisbane, AUS

Without a change in our physical and emotional responses, we repeat
the past and we remain stuck.

Schedule for Bodywork Sessions

Select a region

If you have 12 or more friends who would like to attend a workshop, get in touch and I’ll see if I can pop by your city on my next tour. I always schedule extra days for bodyworks sessions in each city.


How long does a session last?

Typically 60 minutes. 90-minute sessions are available on request.

What do I need to wear to a session?

You can come as you are. If you are more comfortable fully clothed, this is no problem. Most sessions are conducted with partial clothing or undergarments.

Is there any preparation to do before a session?

Do your best not to eat much up to 2 hours prior to a session.

What can I expect from a session?

In an initial session, we identify something in your life you wish to change or shift. This can be a physical condition, recurring situation or area of your life where you feel stuck or challenged. We identify how this is held in your body. Then the bodywork portion of the session begins. There is feeling the body, letting go of muscles, breathing, paying attention and then rest.

Do you work with chronic illness and injuries?

I do and have for many years. However, if you have a strong condition, it’s best we arrange a Skype consultation prior to scheduling a session.

How many sessions can I have?

If time and availability permits 2-3 sessions is ideal. You can receive 2 sessions in one day, but the minimum amount of time between the 2 sessions is 4 hours.

Do you offer follow up sessions?

When I am in your country, definitely. If you’d like a personal training to continue your own development, I also offer Skype sessions.

These have to be scheduled directly with me, as they depend on my travel schedule and time zones.

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel your session(s) up to 2 weeks prior to the scheduled date(s) for a full refund less any credit card or Paypal processing fees. In some cases, the room rental fees are hourly and non-refundable. This will also be deducted, if this is the case.

Cancellations less than two weeks prior to your session(s) are non-refundable. You may transfer the scheduled session onto a friend 48 hours prior by emailing In this case, full contact details must be provided.