The world is longing for you

Oof! With Australia burning and the US seemingly entering into yet another war, what I was going to write you feels trite.

I spent much of the holidays on a few tiny islands in the Indian Ocean and came away hopeful and inspired by the many people I met and the beauty I experienced. But then I was hit by the news of the world, and the grip on my heart was so forceful it took my breath away.

So instead of writing about hopes and dreams or choosing a word you can focus on for the year, I’ll say this…

We need your FULLY EMBODIED self now, more than ever.


  • There’s no more time to be stuck in our heads.
  • We don’t have the luxury to hide behind our “not enough-ness” or to stay smaller than the size of our passions.
  • We can’t afford to ignore our resourcefulness or what the world needs from us.


Life needs you to be the wildest, deepest, most potent version of yourself. 


And this isn’t hard to get to. It really isn’t. It’s just on the other side of an old story. It’s already held in your body, and waiting to get out ~ the pure embodiment of your hopes and dreams, your ferocity and passion, your intelligence and clarity.

The potential you were born with? The world is longing for it. Thirsting. Demanding.

So if you feel overwhelmed by grief, paralyzed by fear, collapsed by powerlessness, go to your body. Put your hand on your heart and breathe more deeply than ever. Stomp your feet without repose and fight for what you want. Make noise, stir things up, don’t hold back.

And then rest, deeply, so you can go be fierce again, tomorrow.

Artist credit: @Joededart on Instagram

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