Pouring yourself into life + Video

Do you know what it feels like in your body to pour yourself into whatever you’re doing?

I do. And I also know how awful it feels when I don’t.

Contracted. Dissatisfied. Directionless.

It’s been months now that I’ve been actively seeking my next offerings. I’ve researched, had conversations, signed up for online marketing courses, met with social media gurus, but I’m still sitting here, in somewhat the same spot, with a giant ball of fear plopped on top of my chest. And nobody can take care of that except for me, no matter how much information I’ve collected.

Here’s what I want. Yup, I’m going to pour it out right here…I want to create online movement classes and an in-person Fierce Embodiment training…HOLY HELL…did I just say that out loud? Eeek! I can feel my belly squeezing tighter and telling me all kinds of reasons why this is just not possible…

“It’ll never take off”

“Where do I even start?”

“Can I do this on my own?”

“Ugh…the marketing….” (more heavy weight sinking me down)

“What if…?”

I’ve let FEAR stop me in life before, as I imagine you have too. It’s stopped me from offering things that I LOVE and that come from my heart. And in my version of fear, I can still do a lot, but somehow my intention is watery and directionless, so the impact feels, well, impact-less. And then there’s that giant ball on my chest I still have to deal with.

You get it, right?

And I know, the thing about working with fear and old stories in your body is that you’ll have to agree to feel afraid at some point AND completely let go. And this is scary. It can even feel like death. So instead, round and around we go.

Let’s try something different, ok? Here’s a simple practice, an invitation, to pour your heart into what you’re doing and feel what it gives your body.

Click on the video link below and follow these simple instructions for each movement.

  • Move your arms BIG.
  • Commit
  • Breathe to support what you’re doing
  • Pour yourself in

It’s not THE key to releasing fear, but it’s a part of it. Learning to fill your movements with yourself will show you that you can.

And in those moments when a big ball of fear is sitting on your chest or you’re shrinking into a too-small version of yourself, your body will remember what it felt like when you went for it – expansive, energized, committed. And this is what it wants!

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