Healing the heartbreak of disconnect

Words have been failing me lately. Or maybe they have been for a while, and only just now I’m recognizing it.

I do my best to put into words what we’re doing in workshops and such, but honestly to describe Feminine Power in written language feels excruciatingly limiting and underwhelming. I mean… yes, feel the strength in your legs, force in your belly, power in your hips, desire in your depths, knowing in your vagina, shift the shame, release the fear, blah, blah, blah…See what I mean?

Words fail us, because what we’re really doing when we drop into and become our lower bodies is…

Healing the heartbreak of disconnect we’ve been carrying around for centuries and remembering who we are from the very core of our being.

Can you imagine living your life from this place? I’m so tired of self-doubt and self-criticism I could scream, but when I drop into my lower body, and live from there, it melts away. There’s not a problem to solve or a reframing to do, the insecure feeling just evaporates, when I become the strength I hold in my lower body.

And I see other women, effortlessly doing the same, once they’ve had enough. It is the…

  • driven young woman who’s been rigidly afraid to feel her vagina, happily describe the pulsating energy she now feels there, as she slinks off the massage table, no longer needing permission.


  • caring woman driving her aging parents around to doctor’s appointments who decides not to go numb and rather feel into her pelvis, unclench her vagina and ask the doctors questions that need to be asked.


  • recently divorced woman who feels the power of all the NOs she kept squelched in her belly for years, now fill her body with the force of them, as she drives her new business forward.


  • wide-hipped woman who’s squeezed her ass into a smaller shape for so many years, until her grief overtook her, and now she shakes it with wild abandon on the dance floor. She leaves when she’s ready and goes home fully satisfied.


  • wild-haired, witch-eyed older woman who catches my eye in a crowded café, as she charms those around her who listen to her luxuriously and expansively tell a story.


Since the day we were born, we were taught to disconnect from ourselves and from energies that are VITAL to our existence as women. Energies fundamental to our sense of who we are and where we belong in the world.

Fury, desire, clarity, tenderness, boundaries, physicality, simplicity, certainty, intuition, wildness…

And these words don’t even begin to describe what our lower bodies hold. But we don’t need words to reconnect and remember. And I’m craving this…a time where we trust the knowing in our lower bodies so much that we turn the world on its head.

Ambitious, I know. But I’m still going to ask…are you ready? Will you dive in to this vastly unexplored place, removing the obstacles, shame and rules that have held you in place until now? Will you join me to discover the rich way you were meant to move in this world as a woman? A way that is as unique as the shape of your hips, stride of your legs, stretch of your spine, desire of your sex.

A way that is fiercely embodied.

A very simple practice to reconnect

You can do this where ever you are – sitting, standing, on a bus, washing dishes, driving a car, in a meeting…Anywhere’s the right time.

  • Drop your awareness down to your vagina.
  • Slowly contract it for ½ a minute.
  • Let go and breathe for 1 minute
  • Repeat this 2-3 more times.
  • Then drop your awareness down to your feet, relaxing them onto the floor.
  • Notice any flow of energy you feel
  • Make small movements in your hips, and continue to relax your vagina.




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