Generosity of Spirit

Many years ago, I heard a teacher speak about generosity of spirit. It struck me deeply and became one of those things that has stuck with me ever since. The possibility to know this state of being, the vastness of it, deeply moved me. It also left me bewildered, as I had no idea what it really meant or how to reach it.

My quest is ongoing. Over the years, since I was first impacted by those words, I have felt this generosity of spirit. I have also lost it.

I could best describe MY experience as feeling a profound expansiveness of heart that effortlessly connects me to others, while also holding an intimate connection to myself. No words. No instructions. No “trying” to be a better person.

I could not begin to define it for you, but I do know one thing…whenever I’ve experienced it, it always came with a softening.

  • A softening of attitude
  • A softening of muscles
  • A softening of judgments and expectations
  • A softening of old hurts and deep wounds
  • A softening of heart
  • A softening of breath

I offer this, because this time of year can be challenging for many in so many different ways. For some it is a period rife with grief and loneliness. For some, family conflicts and deep disconnect are painfully anticipated. For some, no matter how hard you try to do things differently, the stress takes over, and despite your best efforts, you don’t show up as your best.

So however you experience this time of year, can you soften?

Can you soften…
~ into the stress and leave a few things undone?
~ into the grief or loneliness and be tender with yourself?
~ into the crazy that can be family and open up space for yourself and others?
~ into the idea of how it is supposed to be and simply let it happen?

Can you soften… into your body…breathe, move, touch and be touched by life, whatever may come?

And if you’re someone who absolutely, deliciously relishes in this time of year, can you let your joy and softness emanate out and touch others?

Generosity of spirit. It is vast. It is unending. And I trust it’s there, just waiting for us to soften into it.


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