Finding Magic through Resistance + Video

The very first BODY workshop I participated in over 25 years ago, blew me away. It was simple, demanding, and magical. 
In a nut shell , here’s what they taught me:

  • Pay attention to your body, become it. (sometimes easier said than done!)
  • Feel how you hold your pains and  fears, your contractions and stiffnesses. 
  • Get to know what you’re holding on to, how you’re resisting, so you know what to let go of.
  • Let go and allow flow to happen, whatever it is. 

Sounds simple, right? Well it is, but it’s not always easy.

An annoying shoulder pain might hold grief you’re trying to avoid. A contracted belly might connect to an old story of being unloved. Tired, weak legs may highlight how powerless you feel in the face of change.

The starting point isn’t always enticing, but here’s what I can promise…if you use it, it won’t fail you. No matter what. It’s never failed me. Not even when I was trying my hardest to believe, “nothing will ever change.”

Grief, shame, heartbreak, uncertainty, frustration, unfairness, self-doubt, confusion, stress, loneliness, fear?

Whatever you might be stuck in, if you go to your body as a way to learn, it will always transform the energy. You’ll get un-stuck.

Some lessons may need repetition, others are one-time dance. But whatever the dance, it’s an incredibly intuitive one when you give into it and become your body.

In this video, you’ll learn how to use stiffness and resistance in your body to transform it.

Have a watch, and then give it a try. You’ll find more instructions in the video description itself. Keep these simple things in mind: 

  1. Start with just one area of contraction or tightness in your body.
  2. Go for it. Make it stiff. Feel how you move then.
  3. Unwind. Let your body discover new movement and flow
  4. Breathe. Always breathe.

 Enjoy, let the magic happen, and let me know how you go!

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