Filling your skin + Audio practice

A few weeks ago, a young woman came to me for an individual session. She was steeped in spiritual pursuits and also visibly worn out by her current life. As she briefly told me about her circumstances, she ended up dropping her body down on my table and saying, “we’re all just a sack of skin anyway…”

I felt my heart squeeze.

Our bodies hold our very essence.

They hold our past, present and future. Our longings and losses. The fire that burns inside of us, and all that we offer others. Our bodies hold our intuition and our empathy. They hold our will and our mystery. Our intellect and our connection to something beyond ourselves.

So the question I was left with, as I worked with this young woman to breathe, feel and collect more and more of herself, was how can you fill your skin, then?

Which opens me up to more questions…

  • Are you willing to breathe as deeply and fully as your body needs?
  • Are you willing to feel more, even those sensations and flows that may be uncomfortable?
  • Are you willing to trust your WHOLE body’s experience and not the reduced version of your mind?
  • Are you willing to let go of technical descriptions and really sense what you want and need, and then move from there?

OUR SKIN ~ the greatest perceiver of the world around us.

OUR MUSCLES –  the movers of our wishes and needs into action.

OUR ORGANS ~ the inner processors of all that we need to  beat, inhale, exhale, process, nourish, purify, digest, absorb, expel, create, and birth.

OUR BONES ~ the deepest sense of structure and regeneration.

So, how do you fill your skin then? And are you willing to fill it a little bit more?

Here is a very physically-based guided practice to fill your skin.


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