Choosing Self-respect: a weekend retreat
Choosing Self-respect: a weekend retreat

Choosing Self-respect: a weekend retreat

Dublin, IRL

by Fierce Embodiment, Marcela Widrig

Date and Time
  • 5-7 Oct 2018
  • Please see description for check-in and check out times

The Elbow Room Escape
Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Early bird: USD $395 (until 5 Sep, 2018)
Regular: USD $445


At some level, we know that the choices we make in life and how much respect we give ourselves, are deeply connected to our sense of self-worth.

When we repeatedly deny the value of what we want and need in our lives, and instead put the expectations, needs and demands of others above our own, we can feel overwhelmed, stressed and undervalued. We know we are not taking care of ourselves, and are putting ourselves down in the process, but the option to do otherwise can feel too difficult, emotionally-charged, and even dangerous. We’ve been trained to agree, compromise, and take care of everyone else first. Over time, this wears away at us and leave us feeling feeling full of frustration, and yet somehow empty.

We can neglect ourselves so easily and quickly, it’s almost as if, there were no other option.

  • When you allow your clients, your boss, your family to monopolize your time and energy without ever stopping them, it can feel discouraging and exhausting.
  • When you let your partner, your lover, or a friend lie to you or treat you indifferently, for fear of losing or angering them, it can be lonely and destabilizing.
  • When you consistently accept less than what you wish for in a relationship, less time, less effort, less intimacy, less support, it can leave you anxious or sad, as if something were wrong with you.
  • When you need help and don’t ask for it, so as not to be a burden, you take on too much and wear yourself out.
  • When you don’t dare to ask for what you want for fear of being rejected or humiliated, you can end up feeling stuck or trapped.

It can often feel like it would take too much effort to change something in these moments, so we just let them continue, further weakening our sense of self and self-respect.
It can feel like we’re making too big a deal of things, if we insist on what we want. We can question whether or not we’re deserving of it. We are sure that if we stand up for ourselves, conflict would break out or we’ll be abandoned. Somehow asking for help feels needy and shameful, so we don’t. It feels easier to suck it up, figure out how to deal with it on our own or just take care of it another way. It feels easier and safer to deny or postpone ourselves in these moments, let our self-respect take a hit and carry on as usual. But this accumulates inside of us, and takes its toll. It can leave us frustrated, discouraged or even hopeless that anything could really change.

What do we risk when we don’t choose self-respect?
When we don’t choose self-respect, we risk our hearts and the wish for a rich life. We risk our health and well being. We deny ourselves the chance for solid friendships and deep, honest love.

When we don’t choose self-respect, we distance ourselves from a life that could hold interesting challenges and fulfilling pursuits. We risk not having enough time and space for ourselves so we could then be relaxed and generous with others.

When we choose to respect ourselves, and move from there, it means we really listen to what we want and don’t want. And every time we listen, giving this deeper knowing value and letting it grow stronger inside of us, it becomes the most natural and honest expression of ourselves.

In this workshop, you’ll learn to listen to and connect to that deeper knowing you hold inside of you. You’ll recognize that there is a choice there, and each time you choose self-respect, you touch your dignity and worth. 

You will learn embodiment techniques and practices that allow you to:

  • Recognize those moments you deny yourself or put yourself down, how it feels in your body and how you can shift this tendency
  • Give space in your body to anger and frustration as motivators for change
  • Move beyond the fear of clearly asking for and expressing what you want and don’t want
  • Begin to heal the old wound of unworthiness
  • Keep the promises you make to yourself about your life and hold them dear to your heart
  • Flourish in a space of mutual respect

As you move and deepen your sensitivity to your body, healing old wounds of shame, rejection and unworthiness, the question of whether or not you are respecting yourself and doing what is best for you will melt away. It will be undeniable. Your choices and actions will clearly align with your deeper wishes and sense of purpose.

My wish for you is that you remember your worth and you continue to nourish and express it more and more each day.

Is this for you?

  • You rarely take time out for yourself, freely and without guilt, but somehow you know that that’s the point, and what you’re longing for is a greater sense of self-worth and respect.
  • You have a deep wish to connect to that deeper knowing and leave the doubt and self-judgement behind.
  • You love to move and learn through your body.
  • You love your family, profession and dreams enough, and you know how much more you could bring to them when you come from a place of self-respect and worthiness.
  • You have big dreams for your professional life and know there’s no way to grow without this piece.
  • You wish to make real and lasting changes in your personal life, but have lacked the strength to back yourself up.
  • You want a richer and freer life,


The Elbow Room Escape is located in County Wicklow, Ireland.
Address: Ballinclea, Donard, Co. Wicklow, Ireland


Starts:  Friday, 5 October, 2018 at 5pm.
Ends: Sunday, 7 October 11am
Checkout: Sunday, 7 October at 12 pm

What’s included

  • Workshop as described (15 hours of workshop)
  • 2 nights accommodation* / lodging*
  • Delicious, freshly prepared meals for entire stay (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks)
  • Free time to walk and rest and take in the beauty


Note: There are 5 rooms with 2 twin beds and 2 rooms with 4 bunk beds in them. The bunk beds will become available once the other rooms fill up. There will be a discounted price for these spots at that time.


Choosing Self-respect: a weekend retreat

Dublin, IRL

by Fierce Embodiment, Marcela Widrig

Date and Time
  • 5-7 Oct 2018
  • Please see description for check-in and check out times

The Elbow Room Escape
Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Early bird: USD $395 (until 5 Sep, 2018)
Regular: USD $445


How many people will participate in this weekend?

The maximum participants in this immersion is 14. I would like to keep the group smaller, to allow for a more intimate, in-depth experience. 

What is the workshop schedule?

On Friday evening, we will meet at 5pm for an introduction and the opening of the workshop

Saturday’s schedule will be from 9:30-6pm with a long lunch break.

Sunday we will meet in the morning from 9-11:30am to close the workshop.

Checkout is 12pm on Sunday.

What should I bring to the retreat?

Be sure to bring plenty of clothes in which you can train and layers

Bring hiking or walking shoes, as we you’ll want to explore the grounds.



Is my registration/ticket transferable?

Yes, as long as you contact via email to at least one week prior to the workshop. Please provide the name, email and contact number of the person you are transferring your ticket to. The new participant must contact me directly prior to the workshop. If for some reason, the ticket is not used, it is not refundable at this point.

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel your participation up to 1 month prior to the event for a full refund less any credit card or processing fees.

Cancellations less then 1 month but more than 2 weeks prior to the immersion will receive a 50% refund less any credit card or processing fees.

Cancellations less than 2 weeks prior to the workshop date are non-refundable. You may transfer the ticket onto a friend one week prior to the immersion by emailing